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Sheila Headshot.png

Sheila Jaszlics, President and CEO


Ms. Jaszlics will lead the commercialization effort as the CEO of the company. She is the Project Manager for the OPSAT program which has developed the Sense & Avoid capability upon which the proposed effort will be based. She was instrumental in our early artificial intelligence projects in applying neural net technology for the multiple layers of military command and control.  Ms. Jaszlics is at the center of our commercialization projects, from application of the OPSAT technology in multiple areas in aviation to the sale of our technology patents. A former US Army intelligence officer, a pilot, and recipient of the Symmons Wave Memorial for flight in a glider over 25,000 ft., she is a co-inventor of several of our patents.


Ivan Jaszlics, Chief Engineer and Vice President


Mr. Jaszlics has an aerospace engineering degree from MIT and has spent his entire professional career in the US aerospace industry. He developed some of the technical basis for certification of jet airliners with the FAA’s Western Region when employed by Boeing. At Martin Marietta (now Lockheed-Martin) he led the space dynamics group for concept development of the Viking Mars lander.  He is a signatory of the FAA Special Use Airspace agreement for the Sangre de Cristo high-altitude special use airspace that permits, under ATC control, VFR penetration of the Class A airspace up to FL 400 by sailplanes; he has flown in a sailplane over FL350 and has 3600 hours of PIC time. Mr. Jaszlics developed the OPSAT concept for the USAF.

Andy Mohler.png

Andy Mohler, Liaison to Department of Defense


Mr. Mohler has 25+ years of successful Program and Project Management in Government and Industry. His 30-year Navy career included deployed carrier-based operational missions, E-2C Mission Commander, U.S. Navy Test Pilot, Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer, Chief of Avionics Development, Chief Systems Engineer, Program Manager, and Commanding Officer Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division. He has extensive experience in IRAD development, aircraft and systems development, integration, flight test, and production.

Robert Caruso.png

Robert Caruso, Commercialization Lead


Mr. Caruso has extensive senior management experience. His industry background is in aerospace, manufacturing, technical services, technology development, commercialization and management consulting. He serves on the Aerospace Advisory Committee at the University of Colorado – Boulder and on the Aerospace & Defense Grant Proposals Review Board for the Colorado State Government.  He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with undergraduate degrees in Engineering Mechanics (B.S.) and General Arts & Sciences (B.A.), holds an MBA in Finance from Wayne State University of Michigan and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University.

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